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Welcome to the Entry Rating & Tennis Stats Site
24/8/2008: Prel. rating of 25/8/2008.
26/7/2008: Update of tournaments results during 2008 (week before Toronto)
12/8/2008: *NEW* Result files for every player added! 2008 2007
Breakdown of the Entry Rating - for every player (Year End rating 2007 !) (also sorted by country)
The Entry Rating - Prel. rating of 25/8/2008 (top 500, links to players results and breakdown)
Ratings by surface and level - Players' performance divided by surface and level
Ratings by country - Players' performance divided by country, in alphabetical order
Statistics - Finals for wild card, qualifier and lucky loser entries and information on seeded players
Tournament results 2008 - 2007 / 2006 / 2005 / 2004 / 2003
All the semifinal and final results, all levels (no satellites)
Draws, tournament sites and point allocation - For week of 9/8/2004 (links and points included)
Player calender (for the women) for 2006 2005 2004.
Player files for the the year 2007 - 2007 season (satellites and qualifiers of futures excluded)
Player files for the the year 2008 - All the players and games until 10/8 (no qualifiers where points are not credited to qualifying round losers)
Australian Open 2002 - Archived special(s)
If you're a stocker, click here for next week's summary page (last updated, 24/8/2008)